Family Resource Directory

In early 2018, FIPP conducted a pilot investigation of the family friendliness of APA-accredited doctoral training programs in psychology in the United States and its territories. Our study focused on the availability of family support resources including: 

  • Child care

  • Health insurance

  • Public statements of support

  • Public statements of relevant laws and regulations

  • Specific family leave policies

  • Psychosocial support

  • Transportation

Using a trained team of research assistants and following an inter-rater reliability exercise yielding good results, we reviewed the APA Database of Accredited Programs, program websites and handbooks published online for the desired data. We are currently conducting a follow-up survey of all APA-accredited programs (doctoral, internship, postdoctoral) in the US to clarify our preliminary findings. We hope this will help verify our current data for accuracy and extend our study to internship and postdoctoral programs. 

We have included our results below. Our study simulated what it would be like for prospective or current students searching for this information posted publicly on the internet. Results may not be representative of programs' current resources and thus we are doing our due diligence to follow up with each program. Our study is not affiliated with or sponsored by APA or its affiliated entities, or any other national or regional practice organization. This publication is to be used with caution and viewers are encouraged to connect with individual programs about the availability of family support resources. 

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