We are conducting a study investigating how training sites in the field of psychology (graduate programs, externship sites, internship sites, and post-doctoral positions) support trainees who are parents in balancing the demands of training and parenthood. We would like to recruit current and past trainees who identify/identified as a “parent” at any time during their graduate training to volunteer to participate in a 15-minute electronic survey about their experiences. All parents (adoptive, step, biological, expecting, etc.) are welcome to participate.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could please forward this email to any current or past trainees who may have identified as a “parent” at some point during their training.

You may access the consent form here:

Current Projects

Attitudes Towards Parenting in Psychology Trainees and Their Mentors

A recently completed survey study examining the relationship amongst key demographic factors, attitudes of mentors, and career decision making in graduate level psychology trainees. Data is currently being analyzed and prepared for publication.

Family Resource Directory

A coded system was developed for this ongoing project exploring the family friendliness of APA-accredited doctoral level Clinical Psychology training programs. The director will be shared on this website under the advocacy section shortly with ongoing collection to keep it current. Existing data is currently being written up for dissemination via scholarly publication.

Call for Articles

The team at FIPP is coordinating the submission of a special joint issue to two relevant journals around training in graduate level psychology and early career experiences as a parent. If you would like to submit an article please contact Drs. Lila Pereira and Breanna Wilhelmi (joint editors) by emailing us at

List of Lab Publications and Presentations

Samanoglu, M., Piela, G., & Pereira, L. (February, 2019). The Impact of Support on Female Psychology Graduate Students and Pre-doctoral Interns on Family Planning. Poster to be presented at The 2019 Association for Women in Psychology annual conference, Newport, RI.

Rivera, V., Wilhelmi, B., & Pereira, L. (August, 2018). Development of a Family Resource Directory and Ranking System for APA-Accredited Doctoral Programs. Poster Presented at the 126th Annual Conference of the American Psychological Association. San Francisco, CA.

Rivera, V., Wilhelmi, B., & Pereira, L. (April, 2018). How Family-Friendly are APA-Accredited Doctoral Programs in California? Poster Presented at the Annual California Psychological Association Convention. LaJolla, CA.

Wilhelmi, B., Pereira, L.M., Pereira, S., Oberleiter, D., & Braniecki, S. (August, 2016). Two P’s in a Pod: Balancing Parenthood with Psychology Training and Careers. Symposium at the 124th Annual Conference of the American Psychological Association, Denver, CO.