Mentorship Program

FIPP is launching a new mentoring program for graduate students and early career psychologists who are juggling academic and parenting responsibilities. We recognize the struggles of these two very important jobs and want to make sure you have the support you need to succeed in both! Mentors and mentees are welcome across all psychology fields and career levels. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at otherwise click on the link below to sign up:


The Families in Psychology Project has many opportunities to get involved in our advocacy and research efforts. We are currently seeking to expand our board and fill the following positions. If you’re interested in collaborating with us but cannot commit to a position at this time, please connect with us at about additional opportunities.

Board Positions

Community Outreach Coordinator

This member of FIPP oversees institutional and individual specific interventions in the community as well as the development of tools for students who wish to start or study parenting based support programs within their school. This may involve coordination with Research or Advocacy. This member will also serve as a co-moderator for the FIPP message board. This member has a vote on organizational decisions.

Communications AND Membership director

This member acts as a liaison between FIPP and the members of the community it serves. This member will run the FIPP list-serv, social media accounts, blog, and serve as the primary moderator of the FIPP message board and co-webmaster. This member will also seek out additional ways to increase membership involvement and publicize FIPP activities. This member has a vote on organizational decisions.

Grants and Funds Director

This member of FIPP is responsible for seeking out financial resources to cover the cost of FIPP activities. This may include grant applications (including for research or advocacy activities) and other funding opportunities. Should FIPP receive donations or have other monetary concerns, this member will oversee the dissemination of funds to the appropriate avenue for usage. This member has a vote on organizational decisions.

Legal Director

This member of FIPP should have at least a partial background in law (i.e. a JD/PhD or JD/PsyD) and have the ability to consult and oversee all proceedings of FIPP that involve legal matters. This member has a vote on organizational decisions.

Research Assistants

Members of FIPP who are typically students and assist in research and other advocacy projects. These members do not have the ability to vote on major organizational decisions.

Contributors and Consultants

Members of FIPP who have limited roles in the running of the organization. These members collaborate on specific projects as needed. These members may not have the ability to vote on major organizational decisions (depending on history within FIPP and their level of involvement) and contribute primarily to the projects that they are involved in.